BodiBronze Sunless Spa | Sunless...the only way to tan.


Yesterday I came in and got a spray tan. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for talking to me and explaining the products you use at Bodi Bronze and how to achieve that perfect bronzed look for every skin type. You explained the different shades to me for the sunless tan and I chose to go medium. Even though I had my reservations at the time, I am VERY glad to have gone with the color. Not only do I have a gorgeous bronzed look, I feel more confidant, sexy, and younger.

I have never had as successful and wonderful experience with sunless tanning, and since my skin is so fair UV tanning is out of the question. I have tried foams and lotions from the beauty aisle as well as spray tans in a booth. I have no orange patches, the color is even on my skin, and looks natural on my hands, face and feet. It is exactly what you said it would be and more!

I also purchased your body wash and your extender. They both leave my skin feeling soft and they smell great (unlike other extenders!). The best thing that I like about the extender is that there is no streaking and it does not set into my hands quickly, which gives me time to wash it off.

You have a great salon and I appreciate your time to explain your products and your professionalism. Thanks again for helping me achieve a beautiful look that I thought I could never achieve. I am certainly spreading the good word about Bodi Bronze!
Mandy MacGregor

It's definitely the most natural spray tan I've ever had... I've done the machine ones where you just walk in and it sprays you, and those always come out a little weird and the color is never exactly complementary to my skin tone.

I really love how it's a nice subtle glow and not over powering. It looks really nice on my skin.

Thanks again for the great tan!!
Anna Zorn – UIUC

I've never gotten a spray tan before, and now I regret that. It didn't turn me orange at ALL, which I thought it would. I absolutely love it and plan on getting another one soon. I've already recommended it to everyone's that has complimented me on my tan!
Rachael Lewin - UIUC

I also have never gotten one and loved it, I can't believe how good it turned out. I'm so happy I decided to try it and I told all my friends about my fantastic experience with it. I will definitely be getting one again!!! Thanks again!
Carla Wall – UIUC

It's an amazing new system! I have tried it 2 times already! It lasts so much longer than the other bronzing system and that was still great! The tan is basically instant and it takes absolutely no time!!! I LOVE IT!
Andrea Garces – UIUC

BodiBronze Sunless Spa is wonderful! Kristen did a great job of explaining the services, pricing, products and how to stand when they started spraying. The best part is that it only takes 15 minutes and you've got a natural looking tan without streaking! You want to wear dark loose clothes since you end up with some color on your clothes. If you want a natural looking tan but don't want to spend a lot of time in the sun or a tanning bed, BodiBronze is the way to go!